Warranty Information

Under normal use and in compliance with warning labels and operation instructions, the frame of most Baby Jogger strollers and joggers are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product, while the frame of the City Lite and the Vue are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for one year. The parts of your stroller, excluding tires and tubes, are warranted to be free of manufacture defects for a period of 1 year under normal use and in compliance with the operating instructions. An extended warranty cannot be purchased. This Limited-lifetime warranty applies only to the original owner; it is not transferable to second hand purchasers and is only valid with original proof of purchase from an authorized Baby Jogger retailer. Most approved retailers are listed at retailers; please contact Baby Jogger at 1-800-241-1848 before purchasing from a retailer not listed on our website.

Baby Jogger will determine if warranty terms and conditions have been met as determined by a Baby Jogger Customer Service agent, Baby Jogger will provide replacement parts, repair kits and/or self-repair instructions to address your warranty claim. Baby Jogger reserves the right to repair your stroller with a new replacement part and only in rare cases may a complete stroller be replaced. Please note that some parts may be replaced with newer model parts as the stroller has improved over time, this will not change your stroller’s functionality.

Please note that a repair issue will NOT be covered by this warranty if:

  • The warranty issue is caused by misuse or poor maintenance. Please refer to the instruction booklet for guidance on stroller use and maintenance.
  • Damage to your stroller is caused by improper installation of Baby Jogger parts and/or accessories. Please refer to the instruction booklet for guidance on stroller assembly and use.
  • Damage caused to your stroller by corrosion, mold, rust, sun intensity, sweat, detergents, sunscreens, damp storage or frequent washing.
  • Damage to your stroller due to general wear and tear, which is the result of everyday use or negligence.
  • Repairs or modifications are carried out by a third party.
  • Stroller is purchased from an unauthorized retailer.
  • Stroller is purchased used or second-hand.
  • Stroller is damaged as a result of an accident, airline or freight damage.

Please note that while the warranty may not be honored, replacement parts can be purchased to repair your stroller.

The above warranty specifications apply only to strollers purchased in the USA. For international customers, your stroller’s warranty is valid only in the country of purchase and is subject to the warranty conditions set forth by the Baby Jogger distributor for that country - Conditions may vary. Baby Jogger and its authorized distributors may not ship replacement or repair parts out of the country of purchase, however International customers who purchase their stroller in another country will be subject to shipping and taxes/duties to their country of residence.

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